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U7 and Younger: Non Results Oriented

For U7 and younger, coaches and officials are expected to work together to teach players the game. No winners or losers will be declared for these age groups. The rules that are strictly applied to everyone are shin guards and matching uniforms.

Roster Size

Roster Size: Maximum of 8. No goalkeepers.


Divisions: Boys, Girls, or Co-ed


Levels: Most competitive, competitive, less competitive


Age Groups: U5-U12


Player Registration: All players must provide a copy of their birth certificate for age verification

Point System

Tournament Point System: Win = 3 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0

Tie Breaker

Tie Breaker:
1. Head to Head
2. Goal differential
3. Goals scored
4. Goals conceded


Substitutions: Subs can be made on the fly. Players subbing on must enter at midfield. Players subbing off may exit from any area of the field. Player subbing off must exit before playing subbing on.


Equipment: Teams must have matching uniforms. Players must wear shin guards.


Goals: Games will be played with 6x4 Forza Goals

Game Length

Game Length: 18 minute running clock

Ball Size

Ball Size: 4

Goal Arch

Goal Arch: A semi circle will be located in front of the Forza Goals. The peak of the circle will extend approximately 4 feet. The width of the semi circle will extend 6 feet. No player can defend OR score within this arch. If a player defends inside this arch, a PK will be awarded. If a player scores within this arch, play will resume with the opponent receiving a dead ball within the arch. Players can touch the ball in their own crease when in possession of the ball.


PK: PKs will be a dead ball shot that is taken anywhere behind midfield. A PK occurs when: 1. A player on the attacking half of the field is fouled from behind by the last man, on path to goal. 2. A player stops a goal scoring opportunity with his/her hand.


Heading: U10 and older are allowed to head the ball. Younger age groups are not allowed to head the ball. If a player intentionally heads the ball, and indirect kick will be given to the opponent.

No Throw Ins

No Throw Ins - All restarts will be indirect from the ground.

No Offsides

No Offsides

No Slide Tack

No Slide Tackles

Set pieces

Set pieces: All set pieces are indirect except PKs and corner kicks. 5 yards of space from the defense is expected. A defender stopping play from resuming can be subject to a yellow card.

Goal Scoring

Goal Scoring: Goals can be scored from anywhere on the field.


Overtime (if needed): 4 minute golden goal. If a goal is not scored, a sudden death PK shootout will take place. Both teams must shoot each round. Whenever one team scores and the opponent misses, the scoring team will be designated the winner.

Player/Coach Misconduct

Player/Coach Misconduct: Players and coaches are subject to yellow and red cards. If a coach or player receives a direct red card, they are suspended for the tournament. If a player receives two yellows, he/she will be forced to the next game.

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