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4V4 Diamond Cup

Our Mission

Small Sided Competition in its Purest Shape:  The Diamond


The 4v4 Diamond Cup is a competition designed to be the best teacher of the game.  Experience an abundance of 1v1 opportunities, combination play, and recognition of angles in this small sided event.  The Diamond Cup will encourage players to express their individual gifts while learning the most important shape in soccer.

This competition is beneficial to a wide variety of players.  If you are a more competitive group looking for a premier small sided experience, the Diamond Cup will present unique developmental opportunities.  If your team is less experience, the Diamond Cup can be an extraordinarily useful tool to teach players key fundamentals in condensed game-like moments.

Regardless of your team level and age, we carefully group teams together that will serve as appropriate competition for one another.

If you are interested in taking part of the next 4v4 Diamond Cup, registering by clicking the following link.


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